Giacomo Deriu

3D Artist - Creative Coder

React the Void





Interactive installation


lattex gloves, air compressor, custom electronic devices, servo motors, Arduino, pvc pipes

Other contributors:

Lara Mezzapelle

The installation covers an area of approximately 8x7m and is composed by polyethylene tubes connecting about 400 latex gloves that branch off into space from 3 control units. Each unit consists of arduino, servo motors, valves and sensors that controls the amount of air flowing through the pipes and gloves. The control devices are contained within transparent acrylic boxes in order to make visible the operations, as a conceptual integrated part of the work. The installation is developed as a kind of space mapping in which tubes bundles connecting and radiate from 8 various epicenters created by the intertwining tubes which at these points rise to a higher density of gloves. The gloves are inflated or deflated at different times in order to give life to pulsing morphology in continuous metamorphosis in which the individual elements act and interact with each other, sometimes squeezing and pushing one anothet, sometimes fitting the space in a more coordinated and harmonious way.