Giacomo Deriu

3D Artist - Creative Coder

Olive Tree growth - Interactive Video





Asteria Multimedia



I've done this work for the Olive Oil Museum of Montesarchio, a town close to Rome. It is a realtime video projection which represents the growth of an olive tree immersed in the tipical landscape surrounding the town where the museum is located. The growth is controller by the viewer/user through gestual interactions captured by the Kinect sensor, indeed when the user swing the arms upward the tree grows for a while until it reach the maximum age.
The video is endless, when the trees reach the maximum age the camera pans in an empty area where another tree is ready to spawn, the sky is dynamics indeed there is day-night cicles and seasons as well (each day is a season). Even the the weater is dynamic, randomly it turn a sunny sky in a storm or light-rain day, also depending by the temperature. There are many weater phenomenas type like fog, storm, rain, light rain, cloudy, mosty cloudy, snow, blizzard, etc.. The wind works accordingly whit weater but the viewer can control it swinging the arm in left or right.
The work has been developed in Unity 3D, for the kinect interface has been used the OpenNI_NITE Unity addon.