Giacomo Deriu

3D Artist - Creative Coder






Selective laser syntering



Other contributors:

Lara Mezzapelle

The exhibition takes its name form the latest cycle of artworks, LandEscapes, installation/sculptures representing miniature worlds frozen in their unfolding and capable of intense narrative content: hundreds of polyamide miniatures are blocked in a dramatic scene showing the desire to run away. The biological instinct of escape and the necessary ‘something’ from which to flee are the translation of man’s contemporary condition, of his instability. These are scenes of a contemporary epic, a fresco of current times. This series continues the main idea, first proposed in 2008, by making ontology and its categories the ‘questionnaire’ Mezzapelle&Deriu work on by raising questions concerning contemporaneity. The word LandEscapes reveals the intentions of Mezzapelle&Deriu who play upon the homophony of the words ‘escape’ and ‘landscapes’ to mark the polysemy of works with the precise aim of opening up the sense and interpretation to the infinite. The idiomatic expression ‘LandEscapes’ recalls the interdependence between landscape and escapes, but the paradox is that there is no spatial reference, no scenarios, no clarifications that define coordinates of space-time that can be identified with any precise place: they build non-places that are equally perceivable.