Giacomo Deriu

3D Artist - Creative Coder





Technique :

video interactive installation

Materials :

arduino, taps, sensors, led, wood, pc, processing application

Other contributors:

Lara Mezzapelle

video musical interactive instrument

An interactive application becomes artistic language to create a video-musical-instrument that makes use of the sound of water drops.
The visual interaction gives the opportunity to “get in the game” creating one’s own musical-visual composition trough a consolle, made up of 7 taps and different backlit buttons.

Interacting whit the keyboard on the consolle is then possible to regulate the beatrate, the frequency and the timber of the sound produced, and at the same time to have an instantaneous visual feedback of the playing objects.

Precisely, the musical composition is made up starting from 7 water drops falling down on 7 different common objects ( objects you can find in any kitchen).
As soon the drop hit the water inside the object it produces a sound.
The rythmn is controlled working the taps, which means deciding the rate of each drop.
The selected object, makes a different timber of sound depending by the kind of material and shape which the object is composed.
The possibility to change the quantity of water kept in each object allows to obtain different notes.

The water drops are analogically recorded but they are controlled by the computer, in order to create a batch of sound which is possible to modulate, just as in any traditional music instrument.

Concept and realization: Giacomo Deriu and Lara Mezzapelle
Sound designer: Fabio Dorio

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