Giacomo Deriu

3D Artist - Creative Coder

The Evo Game





Asteria Multimedia


Muse Science Museum of Trento

Other contributors:

Asteria crew for the user interface


The Evo Game from Mezzapelle-Deriu on Vimeo.

The Evo Game is a videogame developed for Muse Science Museum of Trento. The purpose of the game is trying to explain how the evolution processes work and change the characteristics and the features of living organisms. Every predator plays a special role depending on its characteristic, it can be fast, it can see the camouflaged fishes or may be immune to poisons. In the same way, the pray can turn in three different kind of fishes: one can swim fast, one can camouflage, and the last one is toxic. Depending by the choice of the user, the prey can survive or not. The goal of the game is to try to achieve a balance between living beings, in order to do that, the user can turn the prey to another type of fish, which may or may have not the tools needed to defend itself from the predator that is attacking it.